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Teen Mental Health

Being a teen is hard. Teens have to navigate social, school, family and societal pressures. These pressures can be difficult and cause a stress, anxiety and sadness. Learning to identify these feelings and cope with them is important to help us live balanced, healthy, happy lives. 
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Teen Mental Health Info

Click here for facts on teen mental health and symptoms as well as links to helpful resources.  

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WOOP is a science-based mental strategy that people can use to find and fulfill their change their habits. Click here to learn how.

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How to: Resourcing

A process to access internal resources, strengths, and positive memories. Tap into the "goodness of your life".

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Back to School FAQs

Heading back to school? We've got answers to your Frequently Asked Questions!

Need some help?

If you feel like you need help with your mental health or are worried about a friend, you can always reach out to us! We will help connect you with resources and services. We also suggest you contact your school counselor for support!


*Psst - if you're a teacher checking out this site you might want to download our guide for Burnout Prevention!

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