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We will help your business or organization by providing dynamic mental health speakers and educators to improve the overall quality of life of your team.

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Our mental wellness workshops
and events will improve the overall
environment of your business and
are essential to mental health!


Every person deserves to have a work environment that supports their mental health. 

Now more than ever we are experiencing an alarming and growing public health crisis that greatly affects our workplace. Work demands are increasing and maintaining employees is becoming more and more difficult.


Employers who do not provide and educate employees about mental health are statistically less likely to be perceived as a safe environment for employees who live with mental illnesses. 83% of people studied reported they felt emotionally drained from their work. This is contributing to the skyrocketing mental health issues across the country. We have the opportunity to change our workplaces for the better and have robust environments that support the mental health needs of our community, but businesses must take action.


We are here to help drive that change. 

We equip businesses and organizations with mental health tools by providing customized:

Interactive and

Inspiring Workshops

Interactive and Extensive Trainings

Inspiring and

Motivating Keynotes

Hi, I am Amanda...

If I got to claim a super power, it would be the ability to connect and share. Ever since I was a kid, I've been organizing groups and clubs, thinking about ways to benefit my community and help make my world a better place. 


Now, as an experienced mental health professional, I wanted to figure out how to combine my passion for connection and sharing with the knowledge and skills I possessed. That's where the Speakers Collective was formed. I've gathered my colleagues, engaging educators, speakers and storytellers, to join me in bringing mental health out of the office and into schools, workplaces and the community. 


Our Speakers Collective lets us bring our knowledge and expertise to you. Together we can work to gain skills that improve communication, decrease stress and make our community a more connected place. 

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3 Simple Steps To Bring Our Mental Wellness Speakers To Your Organization 

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Fill out our speaker request form.


We'll review your form and set up an exploratory call.


Get excited! You now have a mental health partner to guide you!

Who we've worked with :

No organization is too big or too small!

“This was very helpful. I almost feel this would be excellent as a required course for all employees.”
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