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Welcome to your community mental wellness hub!

Mental Health Lou is not a mental health practice, but

a connection point between the community and mental wellness providers. We provide resources for individuals seeking mental health assistance, education to help reduce mental health stigmas, and promote and develop mental wellness friendly events for the whole community!

Looking for a counselor or therapist?

Our Resource Guide can help you find providers, instructors, prescribers and more. 

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Need a speaker for your next event?

We have you covered!

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Let's Learn Together!


Mental Health education at your fingertips, Learn tools, decrease stigma, gain knowledge.

All articles written and created by local mental wellness professionals. 


Our YouTube page is filled with videos from past workshops and events to our #AskUsAnything series and Wellness Summit.


On-demand workshops for you! Check out our video library of free and low fee workshops!


Our recommendations for apps, podcasts, books and more that will help you along your mental health journey!

About Us

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We're happy to share our story with you!

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Here are some ways we can help:

  • Connect you to mental health services in Louisville

  • Help you find a speaker for your next event. 

  • Develop a mental health program for your company/group.

  • And so much more!


Want to know more? Contact us today!  |  Tel: 502-806-8816

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Our Community Partners & Sponsors

Thanks to our Community Partners and Sponsors for their support of Mental Health Lou and our mission!

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LLEO Kentucky

The LLEO core team is an avenue for collaboration, systems change and relationship building among Louisville Latino education organizations. We advocate for and empower Latino students and families in Louisville by providing access, knowledge base, and support to promote success in college, career and life.


Tip it Forward began in 2014, in a private massage practice after multiple individuals from underserved neighborhoods requested access to massage therapy. Sparked by the power in the simple act of giving more than is expected, client tips were converted into providing care to those with limited resources. From this beginning came the larger vision for tipping the balance of access to health + care forward.

We Believe…access to compassionate care is a basic human right.


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