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Teen Mental Health Facts

Did you know it's normal for teens to struggle with their mental health at some point? 


Being a teen is hard. Navigating friendships, school pressures, family issues, self confidence etc. can bring about feelings of sadness, anxiety, anger and more. 


The Facts

Teen Mental Health

Over 45% of teens will experience a mental health issue or illness at some point during their teen years.


1 in 5 teens suffer from a severe mental illness. 

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for young people age 10-24 years old. 


Mental health issues is not a choice or a failure. Anyone regardless of race, socioeconomic standing, age, gender and background can experience mental health issues.

Mental health issues are treatable and there are multiple types of treatments to help you feel more balanced. 

 *Information obtained from Penn State Pro Wellness

Signs and Symptoms

Here is a list of common signs and symptoms that could indicate you or someone you know is experiencing mental health needs.

1. Poor Hygiene

2. Withdrawal from friends and family. 

3. Sudden academic decline. 

4. Sleep issues. 

5. Eating habits change. 

6. Loss of interest in hobbies or activities. 


7. Lack of energy. 


8. Feelings of worthlessness. 


9. Self Medicating. 


10. Mood swings or irritability.  

11. Anger outbursts. 

12. Feeling tearful. 

13. Ruminating thoughts. 

14. Negative self talk. 

15. Hopelessness. 

16. Desire to distract from feelings. 

17.  Thoughts of self harm or suicide. 

18. Experiencing frequent fear or worry. 


Helpful Videos

Suicide Prevention

It's not uncommon to have suicidal thoughts. Many people have them throughout their lifetime. Don’t be afraid to let your friends, family, or teachers know what you need when they ask; they want to help. You can also call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline any time — calls are confidential.

Call: 1-800-273-8255 

Text: 741741

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