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Image by Claudel Rheault


EMDR resourcing is a process used to access internal resources, strengths, and positive memories and help you tap into the "goodness of your life". 

Types of Resourcing

Find Your Tribe

Butterfly Hug

Safe/Calm Place

Container Exercise

What Is EMDR?

Eye Movement and Desensitization and Reprocessing is one of the most researched and highly recommended treatment approaches for trauma. EMDR desensitizes disturbing images and changes our relationship to traumatic memory by accessing brain's capacity to reprocess the memory. 

What is Bilateral Stimulation?

EMDR uses Bilateral Stimulation to activate and integrate information from the brain's two hemispheres. Bilateral Stimulation is done via back and forth tapping, vibrations, eye movements, and/or sounds. It engages and soothe the nervous system while strengthening the memory or resource being activated. 

When should I use my resourcing skills?

You can use your resource anytime you experience disturbing emotions, thoughts, images and/or physical sensations. 

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