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SUzette Turner-Clark


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Louisville, KY, USA


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People consult with a therapist for a positive connection and to problem solve troubles. Therapy is a very special journey, and I will help you to be successful with that process. I am a goal-oriented, accepting therapist working from a strength-based perspective focusing on what clients wish to accomplish at their own pace. Many individuals are looking for effective coping/communication skills, as well as understanding of feelings associated with specific life changes. Clients find it beneficial to receive direction identifying their unhelpful beliefs and replace them with healthier ways of thinking to improve their life quality.
My background includes useful experience in business and educational settings, as well as serving as President for a state therapy organization. Because of broad knowledge in working with children, I lecture and write on child therapy and parenting. As a yoga teacher, I can help client learn how to better manage their stress with mindfulness strategies.
Every person is unique, as are their personal issues. A diverse mixture of methods are used to address individuals: Cognitive Behavioral, Acceptance/Commitment, Brief Solution, Emotionally-Focused and Narrative Therapy. Art, Play and creative methods of communication are conducted in a safe, comfortable and supportive atmosphere


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