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Joanne Branson


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3834 Taylorsville Rd bldg a unit 6, Louisville, KY 40220, USA


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When you enter therapy with me you step into a calm, comfortable space to spend some time. I believe people can find the best solutions for their lives with a little help. I utilize a variety of methods to help you connect to your hopes and dreams. Things can get better. You will laugh, cry and you may learn something new. I bring a lifetime of experiences, failures, successes and education to my practice, but you are the expert of your life. I will listen.
We will go through a variety of specialized questions to help you gain clarity about what you want and need and what you're willing to do to get it. I listen and you begin to really listen to yourself. Listen to what brings you pain, what gives you joy.
We will use creative therapy techniques to learn new ways to reveal and express your truth. I am respectful and honor your pain. However, I use humor to help you gain a different perspective. Get ready to laugh. Laughter can heal.


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