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Jessica Dowell


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Be Well Kentucky

11824 Ransum Dr, Louisville, KY 40243, USA


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Jessica Dowell, M.Ed., is a Licensed Psychological Associate (LPA) and therapist at Be Well Kentucky. In addition to treating OCD, anxiety, and depression she specializes in Body Focused repetitive Behaviors (BFRB's) like skin picking and hair pulling
Jessica specializes in Exposure Response and Ritual Prevention (ERP) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – Enhanced (CBT-E) for the treatment of OCD, depression, and anxiety disorders. She also has training in Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), Acceptance and Commitment based Therapy (ACT), and Habit Reversal.

In her one on one therapy work, Jessica individualizes treatment to each patient by tailoring their program to their personal values and teaching them to lean into values based living while considering a holistic perspective of how environmental/situational influences like culture, gender, and lifestyle issues shape peoples experiences and concerns. Jessica is the group leader for the Inner Radiance group focusing on Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors, and the New Vision Group that is a support group for those with OCD.

Jessica graduated from the University of Louisville with her Master’s Of Education in Counseling Psychology in 2019. She completed her clinical training for her degree at Be Well Kentucky adults and adolescents with OCD and eating disorders. At the University of Louisville, she engaged in multiple research projects for OCD and trans military veterans.


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