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Jennifer Hoertz



Family Therapy Of Louisville

161 St Matthews Ave ste 18louisville, Saint Matthews, KY 40207, USA


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Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, depressed, or struggling in a relationship? Therapy can offer a wonderful opportunity to explore, identify and process life's struggles and develop skills to heal and find meaning in life! I specialize in mood related issues(anxiety, depression, anger, high emotional reactivity) , struggling relationships(couples, families, blended families, divorce recovery) and everyday life transitions and stressors. Therapy can help you heal and live a healthy, happy and productive life.
I provide a warm, safe and non judgmental therapeutic space to problem solve and identify life's obstacles which are holding you back from living a positive and healthy life. Therapy is structured to fit the individua needs of the client . I believes it is vital for a client to find a therapist who is a "good fit".
If you are ready to self explore and work on positive change, therapy could be a helpful tool to finding a healthy, happy and positive life.


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