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Gail Bibb



1948 Goldsmith Ln #103, Louisville, KY 40218, USA


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I am a psychotherapist specializing in trauma-focused treatments for adolescents, adults, and couples. I believe that most people who walk into the therapist's office have difficulties that are rooted in trauma. Most traumatic experiences happen in the context of a relationship and can also be healed in the context of a safe therapeutic relationship. Our trauma often plays out in our life through struggles with emotional eating, substance abuse, or self-harm as way to cope intolerable feelings; difficulty in intimate relationships; persistent self doubt; or overwhelming somatic feelings. When we heal our traumatic wounds, we begin to experience our self and the world in a different way. I am a certified couples therapist, and wellness coach. Individual or Couples that have early childhood trauma sometimes 'reenact' their lived experiences and unprocessed feelings in the dynamic. Fears of abandonment and the common push-pull dance are ways these early wounds play out in relationships. I can help you sort through these complex dynamics through a holistic trauma informed approach bringing total healing to your mind, body and spirit. If you are ready for change, then you are in the right place at the right time. Schedule your free consultation now!


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