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Briania Davis


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Open Arms Wellness

9850 Von Allmen Court suite 201, Louisville, Kentucky 40241, USA


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Are you constantly feeling anxious, experiencing panic or anxiety attacks? Do you find yourself angry, unable to control your thoughts? Has disappointment after disappointment caused you to feel helpless to create change and hopeless for a better future? Have you been experiencing family conflict, relationship issues, loss of identity that have to lead to depression, low self-esteem, poor coping skills and all around feeling unmotivated? If you answered "Yes" to one, or "Yes" to all, I am here to listen and support you as you begin a new chapter.

The journey of life can at times be lonely, isolating and debilitating. During these moments it's normal to reach with open arms searching for a helping hand, someone to walk with, talk to while you navigate the obstacles before you. The hope with Open Arms Wellness is to be that hand, lend support while providing a unique, authentic and transforming experience that leads you to your desired destination.

If you need counseling, I will work with you to create a new narrative for your life. Together we will create and discover new solutions. I can help you take the steps to move forward


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