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Winter Wellness

Written by Louisville Salt Cave. Salt Therapy assists with respiratory and dermatological health. The Louisville Salt Cave offers an environment to support deep restoration and inner stillness. Salt sessions begin on the hour and are a group environment. Special events, private Cave rentals and other services are also available. Details can be found at www.LouisvilleSaltCave.com or calling us at 502.996.7000. FACEBOOK // INSTAGRAM

I’ve recently had the honor of giving some talks about the Cave and how to care for the body preventatively during winter. Whether you're using Halotherapy to help the immune system stay strong during seasons of stress or quieting the mind for much of the same reason, we're your go-to spot for allowing the body to self-heal. Here are some considerations for prevention this winter:


Nutrition: Our bodies prefer salt in it's whole form; sea salt or Himalayan. The minerals in whole salt allows the body to properly absorb this nutrient and combat adverse reactions caused by table salt that is bleached and contains caking agents. As with life, balance is key and proper hydration recommended. Here's more information on consumingsalt Sole' for wellness

Respiratory: Halotherapy utilizes the antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of salt to reduce inflammation, break up mucus and detox the body. Most clients find lasting relief from an halotherapy session after the first 24 hours, but research recommends multiple sessions in a row. When did you lastgive yourselfpermission to pause

Skin: Skin is the largest organ and protects our bodies from toxins. When toxic exposure outside or inside causes unbalance, skin disorders such as acne, eczema and psoriasis occur. Salt helps to balance the pH of our skin allowing it to heal and better protect us from environmental and internal toxins.


Grounding (walking/standing barefoot on the earth) is a popular way to connect with Mother Earth and settle the mind. The soil has micronutrients that are beneficial to our ecosystems and absorbed through dirt. Here are some additional tools for bringing peace of mind that can be enjoyed indoors:

Listen to music, dance, stretch, Qi Gong, acupuncture, journal, take a bath, watch a fire, chant or sing, pray.

Be sure to take time to really listen as well. Truly quiet. If only for 2 minutes a day, close the eyes and focus on your breath. We have so much knowledge to share with ourselves. 

Winter Wellness

Dr. Joie Power, the owner of our essential oil product line,wrote a beautiful blog about winter wellness. Winter is the season of water, which governs the kidneys, adrenal and bladder. Think fluidity and stay in motion. Also, as a season with the highest Yin energy we are gifted the opportunity to go inward, seek within ourselves. In order to do this, we must slow down and quiet. Let's take a lesson from the plants and animals and bring our energy to our roots, get more rest and consume a little less. 

The emotion for the season is fear, which I found fascinating, as it translates to our will to survive and ability to surrender. How does this apply to you? 

I look forward to sharing the result of my inward journeying this yin winter season in the next blog and hope to see your shining face soon.

About the author: Louisville Salt Cave was built on a foundation of individual freedom. Nicole believes we all have the ability to self-heal in some capacity and wanted to run a business that offered holistic health options to embrace this. She spent 10 years in biotechnology managing global brands that benefited immunity through nutrition. This engrained the understanding of preventative health for longevity and she felt the need to share this information with her community. "I have a fire in me that wants to change the world and believe we do this through understanding and living our soul purpose." ​ Nicole opened the Cave in 2015, was certified in Reiki I and II in 2017 and completed her Effjii Breath Certification in 2019. The Cave is a space for spiritual and self-discovery, and has eased allergy symptoms for thousands in the Ohio Valley over the past 5 years.

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