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I have a therapist but I don’t think he is right for me. What should I do?

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Question asked: I have a therapist bu I don’t think he is right for me. But I don’t want to hurt is feelings. What should I do?

Answered by: Tomeika S. Leavell, and she is a licensed clinical social worker. She is in private practice with Leavell Counseling, LLC in Louisville, Kentucky. She holds a license in the state of Kentucky at the present time, and temporarily in the state of Indiana with the goal of permanent licensure soon. Something that she wants everyone to know is that it is important that we all feel seen and heard; we need that more than ever before. We need spaces created for us to heal wounds developed from adverse and traumatic experiences. We need room to acknowledge and address our pain. We need opportunity for self—self-reflection and expression. She recognizes that our society is ever-changing as are the lives that we lead, which is why it is necessary to lean in and leavell up to meet the changes and challenges we all may encounter. She is committed to providing quality counseling services to individuals desiring growth and change and she looks forward to supporting clients in their process of growth and change. She currently provides therapy sessions via a secure online platform for clients throughout the state of KY. You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram @leavellcounselingllc, and learn more about her at https://leavellcounselingllc.com, or on the following directories: Therapy Den; Melanin and Mental Health; Black Female Therapists; and Therapy for Black Girls.

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