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How are my thoughts making me more anxious? #SendUsYourQuestionToday

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Question asked: How are my thoughts making me more anxious?

Answered by: Denise, the owner of Acadia Counseling, based in Louisville, KY. She is a licensed counselor and board-certified supervisor. She does work with Adults with all types of anxiety disorders; if you've been worrying to the point where you are not able to enjoy your life and feel things are getting out of control, reach out to Denise to schedule an appointment. Additionally, Denise works with couples who are having difficulty communicating, arguing more often, or simply have lost their connection. Denise is currently accepting new clients. She is seeing most of her clients via telehealth, but is offering limited in-person appointments as well. To read more about Denise, Acadia Counseling, or to schedule an appointment, please go to her website, www.acadiacounseling.com

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