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Finding True Freedom

Updated: Sep 10

Written by Louisville Salt Cave. Salt Therapy assists with respiratory and dermatological health. The Louisville Salt Cave offers an environment to support deep restoration and inner stillness. Salt sessions begin on the hour and are a group environment. Special events, private Cave rentals and other services are also available. Details can be found at www.LouisvilleSaltCave.com or calling us at 502.996.7000. FACEBOOK // INSTAGRAM

I’m writing to you on a full moon, the energy is high and it’s taken more work than usual to find centeredness. I’m always searching and enjoy the journey.​ I want to discuss the fear pandemic. These times aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. I pray for the pandemic to wane, the civil rights movement is creating deep progressive change and our wounds continue to cry out for healing. It’s as if the work just gets more and more intimate. We wake up every day with a choice. We can choose to be fueled in anger and frustration and resentment, or we can choose to see what the mirror is reflecting back to us and turn inward for salvation. As we move into this great awakening, there is only one resource to turn to for guidance, and that’s you. Listening to an excerpt about the Law of One, the discussion was around True Freedom. This is the freedom found when you find your own way of being instead of following they. This is speaking (lovingly and constructively) how you truly feel without shame and fear. We’re heading into a political season, God help us. If there is ever a time to turn inward and stop listening to the noise outside, it is now. The world around us is crazy right now, there’s no need to welcome negative external influences. Shut that shit down. You are the only person in control of what you allow in. I’m turning inward for feedback these days and it feels like learning to walk again. I stumble and fall and have to find the courage and strength to get back up and try again. There’s a lot of prayer, a lot of grace, and a lot of tuning in to listen. This is often challenged by a busy mind, so part of that listening for me is finding the gift in the moment of beautiful distractions. This morning’s meditation was interrupted by the cat and my nearly 10 year old playing in front of me. I came out, played, and spent the morning I’d dedicated to my practice gently waking my kids and shuffling them out the door to stumble on their own. Staying in the flow of life means letting go of the daily to-do lists. This seems impossible with work from home and home schooling and all the things we built our lives around up to this point. But what would happen if we unplugged; turned off the news, shut down social media, and said no to the 2-3 extra zoom calls we likely don’t need to be a part of? The Cave was built with the intention of unplugging for 45 minutes. We now offer longer sessions because that simply isn’t enough time if you aren’t doing it daily. How can we rebuild our society where the need to unplug is lessened? While our business is struggling during this pandemic, it still warms my heart to see Shelbyville Road slow at 7pm. It fills me with hope when I see a store owner whose business was vandalized talk about their broken window and lost merchandise not comparing to 400 years of oppression. I’m here for it. I don’t know what that means, other than I’m going to do my best every day to tune in and ask what is mine to do and follow that over my to-do list. Let’s change the world together. Let’s take responsibility for what is showing up in our mirror, our shadow sides. Let’s stop blaming and start loving. “I’ll just listen and wait for you” - Caroline Myss

About the author: Louisville Salt Cave was built on a foundation of individual freedom. Nicole believes we all have the ability to self-heal in some capacity and wanted to run a business that offered holistic health options to embrace this. She spent 10 years in biotechnology managing global brands that benefited immunity through nutrition. This engrained the understanding of preventative health for longevity and she felt the need to share this information with her community. "I have a fire in me that wants to change the world and believe we do this through understanding and living our soul purpose." ​ Nicole opened the Cave in 2015, was certified in Reiki I and II in 2017 and completed her Effjii Breath Certification in 2019. The Cave is a space for spiritual and self-discovery, and has eased allergy symptoms for thousands in the Ohio Valley over the past 5 years.

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