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Community Resources

Mental Health Lou is here for you!

We love bringing resources out to our community. That's why we offer a host of programs to assist you, whether you're a business, school, neighborhood organization or individual! Below you'll find info about our community focused programs along with contact info to schedule today. 

Psychotherapy Session


Find a Provider Today

Mental Health Lou started because we saw the disconnect between our community and mental health resources. It's our goal to help demystify the process of finding the right provider for you. You can use our Provider Database to find a counselor or other mental wellness professional for you or family. If you need assistance, don't hesitate to send us an email! We'll help you find a provider that meets your needs!

learning and development

Mental Health Education

We believe everyone should have access to the tools that can help improve our mental health. That's why we have a video library of answers to your questions called "Ask Us Anything" as well as a blog with posts from local providers. 

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Community Events

Community engagement is key to helping reduce mental health stigma. Our community events calendar is where you can find local events for your mental health!

Get in Touch

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Image: music therapy station by Louisville Expressive Therapies at our free Shelby Park Neighborhood

Mental Health Fair in 2022

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